On week  3  I-RAMA is sharing information on how to get ready for Autumn so we can get more out of this time of year and be in harmony with the earth and our wellness. According to Chinese medicine and with many other sciences like Ayurveda, the different seasons not only rule all of mother nature but rules our body and its wellness too. I grew up in nature and with people that taught me how to be in harmony with this process, we ate what was seasonal and what grew in our immediate vicinity no imported foods and is a reason why nature does that, here in our research we are sharing what is the best ways according to Chinese medicine to stay in harmony and avoid misbalances in our body and mind.







There is a slight chill in the air. The days are already getting shorter and just as the squirrels are getting down to the business of gathering nuts for the winter. Autumn is the s of the yin cycle when the daylight is less than twelve hours. It’ is when the harvest begins and we gather the colorful vegetables and fruits for winter storage. squashes and Pumpkins are our icons of abundance. We also gather wood for the fire and unpack our cooler weather clothes for the cold, dark days of winter.

Within the cosmology of Chinese medicine, human beings are regarded as microcosms of the natural universe. We are subject to the same cycles that occur in nature. Fall follows on the tail of the harvest, signaling that it is time to prepare for winter. The sap of trees settles into the interior, sinking down toward the roots. With fall comes a sense of gathering in, stocking up, mingled with a sense of loss as the light begins to fade and the air chills. It is a time to eliminate what is unnecessary and become aware of what is essential.

The organ system that shares the power of this season is the Lung. Corresponding to the temperament of autumn, the Lung pulls in and refines the Qi, (energy) sending it downward to nourish our roots. Ruling the skin, the outer limit of the human body, the Lung protects against external invasion and safeguards internal resources. Since autumn is a dry season, we need to protect ourselves from cold air evaporation of moisture from our skin. Moistening, softening and nurturing foods for this time include white rice, white beans, pears, radishes, sea vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, and parsnips here if you notice the color of foods that nourish the lung is white.

The fact that the lungs rule our skin is important for the people that notice great changes in their skin in fall, this season is we need to adjust  our skin nourishment to a creamier thicker product, I love Shea butter myself, I add essential oil of Sandalwood to it and maybe a drop of rose and make a fantastic protection to my skin.

The Lung is also responsible for our capacity to discern and discriminate, defining and refining our sense of what is right, morally and ethically. It is the Lung that nourishes our capacity to be analytic, critical, methodical, efficient and disciplined. The clarity that comes with autumn enables us to distinguish between the things that contribute not only to our own well-being but also the benefit of others, reminding us that we live in an interdependent world.



Lung & Large Intestine Organ System

From: http://www.chineseherbsforyou.com/lung-diseases-chinese-medicine-s/6119.htm

The Protector

The Lung Organ System energy is descending and is associated with the distribution of Wei Qi outward to your muscles and skin in their nourishment and protection. It is associated with the emotions of grief and sadness, the element metal, the color of white or metal luster, the season of fall, bodily fluids that lubricate, the Wei Qi or immune protection and the Large Intestines. The Lung Organ System opens into the sinus and nasal passages and is directly related to respiratory and circulatory energy especially of water. The Lung Organ System is responsible for the mixing of air [Gong Qi] and food [Gu Qi] received by the Spleen creating Essential Zong Qi.

The Lung’s task is that of making a boundary between the inner and the outer world. The inner environment needs to be protected by a clear boundary which both defends and defines the person. Across this boundary, vital materials can be taken in and waste materials excreted. The most vital and obvious material that the Lung takes in is oxygen; but as we shall see, the Lung, in Chinese medicine, is more than the respiratory system. The Lung has to do with boundary, breath, and renewal.

The skin is like an outer lung and the pores are seen as the ‘doors of Qi’. The skin also breathes and exchanges substances with the outer environment. It is healthy functioning is seen as an aspect of Lung function. Beneath the skin the protective energy known as Wei Qi is said to circulate, defending the body against invasion from pathogenic forces.



From: http://www.meridianpress.net/articles/thelung-chinesemedicine.html

The Lung’s paired Organ, the Colon, is concerned with release and elimination. The Lung and Colon together are related to immunity, the strength of the protective boundary. Pathogens most easily enter through the respiratory and digestive systems and the Lung and Colon are responsible for maintaining the integrity of these systems so that they are not penetrated by invaders. According to Chinese medicine, the body’s defensive energy is directly dependent on the strength of the Lung and Colon.Another organ that the Lung works with is the Spleen. After receiving food nutrients from the Spleen, the Lung mix them with the air you breath to create healthy QI. It then sends the healthy Qi to the rest of the Organs and throughout the entire body. The remaining impure Qi is expelled through the nose, your pores, and the large intestine.

When is Lung imbalance, it means your Lungs ability to distribute and regulate internal water flow by turning some of the Qi into moisture. After receiving nutrients from the Spleen, the Lungs transform this form of QI into a fine mist that permeates the body from head to toe, inward toward the center of your body and outward to the surface of your skin. It produces the soft, dewy, and lustrous appearance that your skin craves when this delicate balance is off, is like a plant without water.

The Lung’s physical expression as the boundary between the organism and its environment is expressed at the psychological level as a sense of one’s personal boundary. A clear psychological boundary enables us to know who we are, to meet another and to establish the clear relationship. When the sense of boundary is strong we can receive experience through the boundary and communicate outwards through it; the boundary is flexible and responsive, opening to receive ‘good’ influences and closing to screen out ‘bad’ influences. It enables us to say ‘yes’ to what we want and ‘no’ to what we don’t want.

Whereas the Spleen is archetypally related to the mother, the Lung is archetypally related to the father. Traditionally it is the father who teaches a sense of self-value and helps us to leave home and find our place in the world. Good fathering teaches boundary and helps with individuation and separation from the mother. The Lung is, therefore, concerned with feelings of self-esteem and respect for both ourselves and others. Knowing who we are, believing in our self-worth and taking our place in the world are all part of the realm of the Lung.

Finally, the Lung’s role as boundary-keeper may be metaphorically extended to the boundaries we keep in our own home. Well-maintained fences, sensible security, clean windows and a well-kept exterior are domestic expressions of Lung energy.



Lung complementary organ: Large Intestine



The lungs govern the desire for structure and boundaries, so a lung type’s personality is also well defined and structured. The lung types keep their emotions in check and they intellectualize their feelings, they usually contain and controlled.



Skin issues Nourish the Lungs



The role of the lung for healthy skin:

Healthy lungs are personified in glowing skin, due to Lung’s primary responsibility, which is to nourish and maintain healthy pore size, skin and proper breathing among many other roles.

Eastern medicine has an expansive concept of the role of the Lung. The belief is that the Lungs are responsible for all parts of the body that “Breath”. This includes the skin, the largest organ of the body, with pores that cover us from head to toe. Consequently, when the Lungs are healthy your skin is soft and dewy and your pore size is even.When the Lungs are weak, your skin changes texture and quality. I become thick or thin, dull or blemish, dry or oily.Damage to your Lungs can happen in many ways. Weather conditions, especially overexposure to wind, cold, and heat aside from pollution like cigarette smoke etc. Excessive sadness or grief, due to the combination of emotional turmoil and too many tears, affects the Lungs and it can have a profound impact on Lung types.
As with all organs, the imbalance of one organ can impact the Lungs. Spleen dampness or Kidney weakness are the conditions most likely to interfere with Lung Qi. by the same token, a weakness in the lungs can negatively impact the large intestine, wish is why Lung types are prone to bowel issues.
Western medicine believes we are all born with a skin type – normal, oily, dry, a combination of oily and dry, or sensitive.that it is yours for life and doesn’t change much. Eastern medicine sees it different. Chinese doctrine says we are all born with normal skin.When skin becomes oily, dry, or a combination of both, or is sensitive is not destiny or skin condition we just pick up, is most likely due to Lung Qi imbalance.
The skin, as part of the Lung system, can be nourished by rubbing with a good cotton towel or dry brushing these will help maintain the skin’s health and support the immune system. Wearing natural fibers will allow the skin to breathe freely; going naked from time to time when weather and circumstances allow will also help the skin to breathe. Moderate sunbathing will nourish the skin, although overexposure may be damaging.

Among the outside factors that affect Lung Qi environmental conditions, such as weather changes, pollution, excessive lifestyles, such as poor diet or too much drinking, sweats fluctuating hormones, especially around menstruation.





If you have gone through or are currently going through, a great deal of grief, sadness or loss and has not been able to “cut off” or resolve the connection you may have weakened Lung or Protective Wei Qi. Disharmonies associated with weak Lung Qi may appear as shortness of breath, chronic lung illnesses [or a chronically low general immune system] and a chronic cough. An important raw formula that helps in replenishing the Lung Qi Depletion would be the Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula.

Emotionally there is likely to be constraint and sadness, perhaps a hiding within one’s boundary. There may be the lack of self-esteem, harsh judgment of both self and others and failure to respect or understand one’s own and others’ boundaries. Dignity may turn to false pride, leaving a person feeling alone and separate. It may be hard to claim a place in the world.







Related Lung & Large Intestine Disharmonies


Research the below Disharmonies on our Chinese Medicine Search

• Chronic cough
• Spontaneous sweating
• Dry throat/nasal passage
• Mental and physical fatigue
• Low immune
• Unresolved sadness/grief
• Dry, flaking skin
• Shortness of breath
• Edema of the body and extremities [water retention]
• Night Sweats
• Constipation
• Fungal skin problems

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our lungs are one of the most important parts of our body to protect when preventing a cold. They are considered the most superficial organ in the body and are thus most vulnerable to insult from the outside environment.

The lungs are thought to be most active in the fall, and also play a large part in our body’s defense systems. Nourishing the lungs by incorporating certain foods into your diet and avoiding others when you are sick may help you get over colds and flu faster – especially if infections tend to settle in your lungs.

The lungs control the circulation of an energy called Wei-Qi, (pronounced “way chee“) or defensive Qi, which is responsible for protection against infections like colds and flu. The defensive Qi travels throughout the body just under the skin surface, keeping you warm and preventing illness. Nourishing the lungs and Wei-Qi at this time of year may help you avoid colds and flu or bronchitis.



Foods that complement the Lung

from: http://chinesemiracleherb.com/five-colors-that-nourish-five-organs/


White moistens lungs


Common white color foods include white beans, winter melon, pear, white radish, white fungus, lotus root, lily, wild rice, rice, tofu, cauliflower, bamboo shoots, yam, jicama and so on.





Foods that nourish Wei-Qi


One classic food to nourish the lungs are pear – also known as the singer’s fruit. Pears help to keep the lungs clear and moist, useful during a dry cough. Warm drinks help nourish the lungs – try a warming concoctions like shredded ginger root steeped into a tea sweetened with honey and a bit of lemon. Other warming foods for the lungs include onions, garlic, horseradish, radish, mustard, cabbage, and turnip. Many of these foods have a pungent quality that is thought to help protect the lungs.

Raw or lightly cooked is best, try including onion and garlic at the end of cooking a homemade soup. Eating veggies that are dark green or orange may offer protection to the lungs thanks to their high content of vitamin A. Other foods that help protect the lungs include carrots, broccoli, pumpkin and squash, kale, parsley, turnip and nettle tea. Marshmallow root tea and fenugreek are also excellent nourishing foods.

Unless you have wind cold in your Lungs, it is especially important to avoid foods and beverages that are drying and will rob your body of moisture, is best to avoid

Alcoholic beverages ( although cooking with wine is okay because it acts as a carrier to expedite the effects of other ingredients )


Caffeinated drinks in general

Spicy foods




Foods to Eat When You Are Sick



Foods that help dry dampness in the lungs are often bitter. These may include lettuce, celery, turnip, rye, asparagus, vinegar, papaya and chamomile tea. Also, try miso soup with green onions and root vegetables.

Foods that may promote mucous formation and dampness are the ones you should try and avoid especially if you have a runny nose or a productive cough. These include dairy products, heavy meat products, tofu, soy, pineapple, salty foods and very sweet foods.

Citrus fruits and spinach should also be avoided as these are cooling foods that can promote dampness. Foods high in processed sugar are also thought to create phlegm. Try avoiding these when you get sick to recover faster!


Healthy Lung Habits


Use a scarf or collar to cover the front and back of your neck when you go outside, and make sure to have your lower back covered. These two areas are called our ‘wind gates’, where wind has a chance to enter and cause cold and flu symptoms in the lungs. Avoid drafts and wind.

  • Let go of pre-conceived ideas and prejudices that serve no purpose in your life: Just as we need to de-clutter our environment and our inner space, clearing out mental waste such as culturally acquired ideas that hold no truth but which stop us from engaging with people and situations is important for good health and the renewal of our energy.
  •  Seize the moment: The Lung energy fuels our ability to be in the moment and is nourished by our enjoyment of the present. As children, we tended to inhabit our bodies powerfully and to experience each moment fully. As we grow up, many of us lose this ability so as adults staying in the moment needs to be achieved through deep breathing and accessing a grounding calm that allows us to engage with what is happening now. Activities that help us “be in the body” as opposed to trapped inside the mind such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga can also provide us with tools that help us achieve this.
  • Detach yourself: The Lungs have the ability to constantly renew our energy through a combination of elimination of what is no longer needed and a continuous intake of potentially new energy. This implies an ability to recognize what needs to be discarded and a willingness to allow it to go. Understanding that everything in life – things, ideas, situations, people – is transient enables us to go smoothly from one stage of life to the next. When we are reluctant to accept this reality, we may remain in grief and pain until we make room for new things to come.




Chinese Herbs for Strengthening Lungs


Huang Qi (Astragalus Root)

Tian Men Dong


 Licorice Root

Reishi Mushroom






Juicing For a Healthy Lifestyle 


No doubt you have heard about the juicing phenomenon somewhere in your comings and goings. Dr. Oz and the queen of all media Oprah Winfrey were discussing at a late night infomercial giving you a grocery list of health benefits from their high tech juicer, like I said before, take control of your choices and do what is good for your own needs.







What is juicing and why is it good for me?

Juicing is the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, in an effort to retain all the phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins that whole foods themselves ordinarily have. It does so by leaving behind the fiber, pulp, skin, rinds, etc.

In fact, the digestive system more readily digests liquid than whole food it makes sense doesn’t it. So juicing’s first mission is to promote easy digestion.

Eating your fruits and vegetables is still good for your health as it has always been. One of the main reasons juicing appeals to so many people is because it’s  often a great way to get many nutrients in a very pleasant way and if you think about it how much of this foods could we get in our system at one time? with juicing we can have a large amount in a cup and nowadays that we tend to be on the go, go, we can bring our juice along, I prefer to manage my schedule and enjoy my juice slowly and consciously instead. If you are not a fan of eating fruits and vegetables, you can drink your daily fruit and vegetable nutritional needs in a glass, yum! easy right?.

The second reason is that it would be nearly impossible to consume a large number of vegetables and fruits that you can easily juice in order to gain the same amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Juicing can be performed with a blender or with a variety of juicers( we will do a post on juicers coming up). While a blender mixes everything together, leaving you to do the lots of work straining the liquid from the pulp; juicers are specifically purposed for extracting the juice from the pulp a great way to go.





 Juicing Recipes for complementing Weight Loss 

Juicing is the fastest and tastiest way to get all those healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that our modern diets are lacking. If you are looking to lose weight then try our juicing recipes for weight loss.

They are highly nutritious, taste great and will help you along. In fact, many people have lost as much as 20 pounds in just two weeks of juicing! Keep in mind that everyone is deferent  and don’t push your self-trying to accomplish what other people claim, my experience is that when you crash diet the body you most likely be back at the same weight or perhaps more than before aside is not good for your entire system is best not to resource to extremes they are never good slowly and conscious diet is best, weight comes from our way of thinking also and what emotions we constantly feed our selves so is a bit more to it than just food the concept is mind body soul.

One of the main benefits of juicing is that liquid puts very little stress on your digestive system but too much does have an impact on your kidneys so slow and steady with juicing don’t over do it! is a lot of nutrients that the organs have to process. This means you have more energy, feel great and have a super healthy diet at the same time.

Juicing also allows you to consume much more fruit and vegetables (but be careful of putting too much fruit in your diet) that can equal too much (SUGAR in the form of fructose ! again balance is the key) than you would typically consume in a regular diet. It also helps to suppress hunger pangs, which means you can avoid succumbing to unhealthy foods and over snaking.


Can Juicing help me lose weight?


In short, yes it can!But like we said everyone is different There are many well-documented examples, and even documentary movies, demonstrating the power of juicing to help weight loss.

Even if you are not quite ready to go extreme and commit to a full juice fast, juicing can help you lose weight and vastly improve your diet, we prefer doing things slowly and getting long lasting safe results instead.



Here are some of the ways in which Juicing aids us losing weight:


Prevents hunger – Juicing gives your body all the nutrients it needs, and then some! When your body is lacking nutrients, it makes you hungry. In this way, you will eat less and have fewer junk food cravings.
Is convenient – Modern busy lifestyles cause us to make many poor diet decisions because of the convenience of fast food. Juicing takes just a few minutes and gives you fresh, delicious, healthy juice that satisfies you. This means you eat less junk food.

All Fresh – Since juicing uses all fresh produce, you can limit your exposure to processed foods. The harsh chemicals and additives in such foods actively contribute to weight gain. Going fresh foods, especially if you use organic produce, you can avoid exposing your self of such risks. Additionally, juicing is free from all preservatives since you control exactly what goes into each drink.

Flavour – Most of us could do with eating more healthy vegetables. Juicing helps us get the best of these in a flavorful way.

More energy – The goodness of juicing makes you feel great and gives you sustain energy.

Detox – Green juice full of chlorophyll combined with lemon is particularly detoxifying and can really help your liver and kidneys to flush out your system.




The juicing movement has gained and retained momentum for several years now, and for good reason. Consuming raw juice from clean sources (organic vegetables & fruits) is one of the quickest ways to ingest plenty of nutrients at once.

As a food group, fruits & vegetables are detoxifying in nature (some more than others). These plants contain potent detoxifiers that aid your body in flushing out the toxins you’re exposed to in day to day life. Keep in mind, so many toxins come from unexpected places, making regular detox a necessity for everyone.

Harsh chemicals like petroleum derivatives and toxins can be found in your skin and body care products, in the air you breathe, in the water you drink and in the food you eat. However, you don’t have to be subject to any of them. Certain daily precautions can be taken to avoid many of them:

  • Buy organic skin care products (including deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste and facial moisturizer to mention a few)
  • Invest in organic food when you grocery shop. This will minimize your exposure to pesticides
  • Use an effective water filter at home to lessen what enters your system
  • Stay away from harsh chemical-filled household cleaners and air fresheners. Pure Castile soap, baking soda, white vinegar and essential oils can go a long way in replacing generic, toxic products

The Science Behind It


For example, beets are one of the most effective detoxifiers that you can readily find in your local market. Beets contain a substance called betaine, a compound that actively helps the liver flush out toxins.


  • Betaine also defends and protects the components of the liver to ensure it’s not compromised by malnutrition. This is just one of many substances naturally occurring in vegetables & fruit that are made to help your body flourish.
  • Here are some other impressive substances that can be found in your produce:
  • Raspberries: contain rheosmin, which increases cell metabolism
  • Pineapple: contains bromelain, a substance that aids recovery and reduces bruising/inflammation
  • Carrot: contains a unique fiber that helps detox negative estrogen
  • Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange): all contain substances called carotenoids, lycopene & flavonoids which are a powerful alias to life challenging conditions.
  • Kale: contains two powerful antioxidants quercetin & kaempferol. And the list goes on here is a great place to do some of your own research and become acquainted with food and vegetables very powerful qualities.


Benefits of juicing


These liquid meals also provide your digestive system with the chance to take a break, as they are easy for your body to assimilate and absorb. Swapping out a few empty-calorie, heavy meals a day for one of these fresh juices will help you feel like a much better version of yourself.

Juicing boasts these incredible health benefits that make it well worth your while to start a juice habit:


  • Helps you become lighter with a decreased body fat percentage
  • Leaves you energized and ready to take on the day
  • Promotes mental clarity and increased productivity
  • Aids against malnutrition, dehydration, and sluggishness
  • Encourages regular digestion & bowel movements
  • Helps your skin prevent blemishes and breakouts
  • Promotes more high quality, restorative sleep
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Alkalizes your body’s internal pH
  • Helps against disease and illness
  • Keeps your blood sugar stable (make sure to juice mostly vegetables)
  • Helps prevent diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Promotes a healthy weight


Liver: Your second largest organ


In regards to the anatomy of your body, it’s important to note that your liver is the second-largest organ in the body; second only to your skin. Its primary job is to purify your blood and detoxify your system.

With the help of a nourishing diet, the liver does its job well. You’ve just got to provide your body with the tools it needs to thrive and a juice that empowers liver function is a must.

Beets, beets and more beets, they are great for the liver!!!! here are a couple of recipes to help the liver stay healthy and clean, this doesn’t mean you can drink a bunch of alcohol or eat polluted food.



1 Beet Root  approximately 3″ diameter

2 leafs of a medium size Cabbage

3 Carrots medium size

1/2  Lemon (2-3/8″ dia)

2 handful of Spinach

1/4 of a  Pineapple


Clean and place in the juicer, enjoy

The Effect of Sugar on Your Body


It’s important to know that not all sugar impacts the body in the same way. Sugar that comes from fruit, fructose, does not cause your blood sugar to spike like refined table sugar does.

That said, it’s still important to note that sugar can be overdone. The human body does not require large amounts of sugar to work optimally. The contrary is actually true. Sugar is an indulgence and should be treated that way don’t get confused.

Fruit, along with containing fructose, also contains a plethora of healthy enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will fuel your livelihood. Thus, fruit is not something to be eliminated or feared. Just pull in the reigns and make sure you don’t go overboard consuming mostly sugar in your diet.

Your body (and liver) will benefit most from a balanced diet that is complete with sources of fat, protein, and carbohydrates at every meal. This balanced approach will also ensure that your blood sugar doesn’t spike more than it should at each meal.

All things considered, these juices are fantastic additions to your health. Just know that to achieve your healthiest self, you should also reach for a good source of protein (nuts, seeds, beans) and fat (hemp, flax, chia seeds) to accompany your juice.




Cucumber juice is a really good natural diuretic, it promotes the flow of urine. It can promote hair growth and supports the bones nails and skin due to its high silicon and sulfur content.

Spinach juice is known to help to cleanse and regenerate the lower bowels and the intestinal tract, plus it is a great support the teeth and gums helping pyorrhea.

Turnip leaves are known to contain a very high percentage of calcium the most in any vegetable.  Combine turnip leaf juice with carrot and dandelion juice to support the bones and teeth.  another quality of Turnip leaves is that they are also a strong alkalizer, especially when combined with celery and carrot juice.

Watercress juice added to carrot, parsley and potato juices has been helpful for emphysema.

Beet juice is known to be helpful for menstrual disturbances and during menopause.  Take 2-3 ounces two or three times a day as needed.


Here we would like to share information from Dr. Norman W. Walker we personally are great fans of Dr. Walker juicing systems we have used it for over 30 years with great results and we wish for you to enjoy and get the benefits of it.

For 99 years, Norman W. Walker, Ph.D. Doctor of Science, proved through extensive research that well-being and a healthy long life can go hand-in-hand when we are aware how the body works with relationship to what we feed it.
Since the turn of the 20th Century, fresh vegetable and fruit juices recognition of their value is now definitely well researched, by professionals as well as laymen. The reason for the efficacy of the properties of juices lies in the fact that, by separating the mineral elements and the distilled water in the food from the fibers, this liquid food is easily digested in a matter of minutes for most people. The digestive processes required to separate the mineral elements from the fibers, on the other hand, involve labor and time – actually hours – to be expended by the digestive organs. These processes of digesting whole raw vegetables and fruits use up so much energy. A portion of the “solid” food eaten is then diverted from its nutritional goal to be used as fuel to generated the amount of energy that it takes to break down the whole vegetables and fruits.

This is the answer to the frequently asked question: 

Why not eat the vegetables and fruits WHOLE? instead of taking the time to make juices? Actually, there is no real nourishment in the fibers, however, fibers are very useful and are needed for their own purpose. Fibers act as an intestinal broom. When fibers travel through the stomach, the duodenum and 25 feet of small intestine, these fiber particles reach the colon in the form of microscopic cellulose. The colon considers the cellulose as fiber and uses it as such with great benefits. Without fiber, the Colon, and the body as a whole will not maintain a healthy state.

WHAT’S MISSING IN YOUR BODY? with most people ENZYMES are missing in their bodies.

Dr. Norman Walker wrote “the human body is inextricably dependent on the quality of food that it intakes” and it should be common sense since food and oxygen are what makes the body stay a live correct? Our bodies rely on nutrients that come from the fibers of fresh fruits and vegetables that help us when we encounter ailments and illness.
There is no more powerful medicine than the properties which come from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables. Dr. Norman Walker spent years researching the benefits of cold press juicing and concluded that juicing was the most efficient and natural way to cure ailments because it was the only method which separated minerals and water in fresh produce from the fiber, and was digested into the bloodstream in a matter of minutes.
When you juice you cleanse your colon, digestive system, blood, urinary system and saturate your tissues with nutritional value to aid in general nourishment. Juicing every day can help prevent health challenges and helps the body to regain a healthy state

Here we are sharing a recipe from our medicinal juice recipe collection below when you are feeling off and need an aid to get back on track, tired or stressed this recipe can give you a boost.

Here is a warning from Dr. Walker to be aware of: As a rule under no circumstances consider that fresh-raw vegetable juices are a form of concentrated food or medicine for that matter when they are in their natural state. As a matter of fact, they are among the least concentrated form of foods, and yet the most nourishing.


Juice to aid with Infections

When we have an infection is our body’s way of saying it has been an over accumulation of waste matter and toxins and is a warning for you to take better care of yourself is that simple. Drinking juice and fasting for a day or two can do wonders for the recovery of your body’s organs and will help in the elimination;l. of accumulated waste and toxins inside the body.

The following juice recipe works on infections of all types.



1  piece inch long of fresh Aloe Vera
1 Apple clean with peel
2 Carrots cleaned with the peel
1/2 of cup of alfalfa leaves
1 clove of fresh garlic peeled
These amount of ingredients makes 1 glass and should be drunk three times daily until the infection is over.


The process

1. Cut carrots, apple (with seeds and peel) and Aloe Vera into small pieces.
2. Peel garlic and remove 1 clove
3. Rinse Alfalfa leaves
4. Place all ingredients in the juicer, one at a time to ensure that they get fully processed.


Nutritional Information

Aloe Vera is an adaptogen this means it can boost the body’s ability to resist illness. It is full of polysaccharides which help stimulate white blood cells (the immune system warriors) in your body. Alfalfa leaves can help to guard against a wide range of health challenges. Its roots grow deep into the earth (30 to 100 feet) that definitely is a fact to contain a variety of trace minerals.

Enjoy the post and please share and like if you do we will have part 3 of the post coming up.






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