Gary Strauss founder of the Holding Space Method™

Gary B. Strauss, MS, RPP, PWE, is the founder of the Holding Space Method™, which is the result of his more than 30 years’ experience in energy medicine, nutrition, and natural healing. He is also founder and director of Life Energy Institute, where he has helped thousands of people find greater health and well-being through his work and mentoring.

Gary Strauss is a master practitioner and instructor of polarity therapy and Craniosacral Unwinding™. Created by Gary Strauss, Craniosacral Unwinding is a synthesis of craniosacral therapy, the healing approach originated by the groundbreaking osteopathic physician John Upledger, and polarity therapy, the energetic healing modality created by the energy healing pioneer Randolph Stone.
Gary B. Strauss is also the founder of Polarity Healing Arts. Through Polarity Healing Arts, the Life Energy Institute and the many other places he teaches, Strauss’ educational programs have uplifted many students to greater levels of skill, self-awareness, empowerment, and deep understanding of the principals of life energy.

Gary has helped thousands of people find greater health and well-being with his work and mentoring. His educational programs have uplifted many students to greater levels of skill, self-awareness, empowerment and deep understanding of the Principals of Life Energy.

To experience Gary’s unique perspective on healing, energy and “holding space” is profound. His compassion and devotion to helping people through his work are deeply touching and with over 30 years experience in the Energy Medicine field, his expertise, techniques, and skills in the Energetic Healing Arts are unmatched.

Holding Spacetime

Gary Strauss
Life Energy institute

Holding Spacetime as a Contemplation

The process of holding spacetime is fundamentally a contemplation. It is an act of engaging in a neutral way. From the principles of polarity therapy, we believe that establishing neutrality fosters healing. In a polarized world neutrality brings balance.
Contemplating is like being: it is a gift in and of itself and provides a quality that allows the work in a session to take place in an enriched energetic environment. Simply contemplating (or being) adds a neutrality that creates a safe and loving space. Dr. Stone said that love is a place where energy flows freely and impersonally. In contemplation there is a sense of floating freely in spacetime.

Protocol for Holding Spacetime

1. From a neutral place, contemplate the universe as a continuum, spatially & temporally & energetically.

Imagine the vast potency of the universe, more continuous than finite and more relative than fixed. Imagine all of reality as part of a unity and continuity from its origins 13.8 billion years ago to the known manifest world of the present moment.

Imagine the components of the universe: space and time stretching infinitely in all directions; energy comprised of ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy.  Contemplate that our senses operate mostly within the known world, the 4% of ordinary matter, and that we want to open up to the full potential of all mass and energy, the 96% of dark matter and dark energy, to be able to tap into the energy of the entire universe.

We are using a conscious co-creative contemplative approach to tap into universal principles in order to foster greater energy and balance.  We are opening up to the vast potency of the universe and consciously placing ourselves in a resourced place of energetic enrichment.  In many cases, this contemplation alone will bring balance.

2. Contemplate that both of you, practitioner and client, are part of the continuum of the universe.

Acknowledge and affirm that both of you are part of the continuum of universal spacetime and energy and also co-creators of this continuity.
Both of you exist within the grillwork of polarized threads of energy. Both of you are creating and participating in events. Both of you are observing events, from different frames of reference. Both of you are energetic beings with energy constantly being transferred from one form to another. For both of you, most of your mass comes from the interaction energy of your elementary components.

3. Imagine that you as the practitioner are holding the universal patterns of alignment and that the client is in the energetic process of evolution.

As the practitioner, create an alignment in your own body to organize your energy between source and earth and throughout all of your directions of life. Contemplate an alignment from the center of the universe through you to the center of the earth. Continue to imagine the universal grillwork of energy.
Contemplate the center line of your body from the crown chakra through the ventricles of the brain, through the center of the spine, and down through the root chakra.
In this attunement you are holding the alignment with universal principles for the evolutionary process of your client. While you both experience the transcendence and transformation of the session, you as the practitioner hold the structure (the masculine principle) while the client holds the space for learning (the feminine principle). The client’s attunement is for a process of energy to flow for its own natural expression.

4. Affirm that everything has its own innate intelligence.

Innate intelligence is the way of nature and all things. As the practitioner, acknowledge your own innate intelligence informed by your universal connections. Acknowledge that the client also has this innate intelligence, as does all the rest of the universe. Create a conspiracy for innate intelligence to be the overall guiding influence in all of our ways, techniques, and dialogue.
Innate intelligence often operates from a level of consciousness to a level of the non-conscious. This is where we can be related to the 96% of the universe that we ordinarily do not perceive. The potency of the universe is at our call as we affirm that this innate intelligence rules these moments within the session.

5. While continuing to contemplate the first 4 steps, imagine the client in their evolutionary expression.

Contemplate the client as a vibrational entity that begins creatively from a central core through a step-down of energy threads into their radiances into the universe. Imagine the client’s energetic evolution from the brain (ventricles) and spine (central canal) to three cores, to five chakras, to millions of nadis/meridians that weave through the nervous system, the glandular system, the organ system, the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the lymphatic system, and the excretory systems out into the radiance of their electromagnetic field and thence in layers of aura and continuously out into the world and the universe.

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