Calcium Therapy for teeth

Hello everyone on week 9 we are sharing information about a subject that can truly change the way your relationship with dentistry can be in your future. We are so glad that we connected with this well of knowledge from a man I hold dear to my heart. Not only to his career but also his amazing compassion, drive, and selfless service to people. There are not many like him that keep integrity with his passion to truly help and not for monetary personal gain. I have a big place in my heart for Dr Mark Manhart DDS and we are sure that once you get to know his Calcium system you will become a huge fan also, enjoy and please share so others can get the help they need.

Thank you for all your support and shares without it, we wouldn’t be here.

I don’t know anybody that can say I love the dentist, for some unknown reason the dentist has not changed much at all in their technology in an era where we can see through walls, have gone to the moon among many other accomplishments, and the dentist society is in the stone age still, but with prices above the income of today so if you want alternative dentistry you need to get a loan, because insurance doesn’t cover it how about that !!!!.

For the most part, the Dentist Industry is still ancient and by the book, not to mention barbarian and highly traumatizing. Definitely not my favorite to say the least. I am always on a research quest to find alternatives that can benefit others and myself. After extensive research, I came across these Doctors, their research,  extensive information, and products, that I personally can say to you how grateful I am that there are professionals out there that actually care and think out of the box.

Dr Mark Manhart DDS has made a huge difference on my teeth health, for starters when I contacted him, I presented him with the news that my dentist a well-known PROFESSOR that actually teaches dentists, had given me the diagnosis of either a root canal or extraction of two molars, really?  Hmmm… that quick statement didn’t feel right.and when Dr Manhart checked the x rays it was not even a CAVITY, wow apparently this kind of diagnosis occurs quite often, but not on myself again, for one I am not going back to the dentist that quickly makes that kind of not so grounded decisions at thousands of dollars in deductibles. I got my healing power back with the help of Dr Manhart, I am so thankful and wish for all of you to connect with his products and Dr Manhart DDS. and take the health of your teeth into your own hands, I can guarantee that you will be amazed of the results as I was.


Calcium Therapy by:

Dr Mark J. Manhart (DDS 1962) & Dr Thomas B. Steg (DDS 1973)






Doctors Manhart and Steg have practised dentistry with calcium materials for many years. During their combined 86 years of general family dental practice, Manhart (48 years) and Steg (38 years) have collaborated on Endodontic, Osteo – Endo – Cystic, and Periodontal therapies for their patients as well as conducted seminars and research projects.

These Doctors. have established the Calcium Therapy Institute and are teaching their findings all over the USA from New York to California. They have shared their expertise with dentists and alternative medicine specialists throughout Europe and Asia, especially in France, England, Poland, India, Scotland, Spain, China and South Korea.


What is Calcium Therapy?


Calcium Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to gum surgeries. This rapid, safe and effective treatment of the gums, bone, and teeth is pain-free and long-lasting. The materials reduce bleeding, soothe sore gums, tighten teeth, heal abscesses and cysts, strengthen bones, control bad breath, and whiten teeth.

These are inspiring and goal-oriented times for the Calcium Therapy Institute. We know that most of the dental disease can be prevented. This is why we practice and teach calcium therapy beyond our office in Omaha, Nebraska. Performing and teaching Calcium Therapy in our offices in Omaha, Nebraska requires us to present and educate domestic and international audiences. Treating our local and fly-in patients energizes us and our practice of general dentistry.



Calcium Therapy Goals


  • Share with you a safe, NON-surgical alternative to gum surgeries.
  • Inform you of the causes of periodontal disease.
  • Help you avoid or recover from gum surgeries and maintain your dental health.
  • Share information, materials, and experiences related to our calcium materials.


Calcium and the relationship to Dentistry


Calcium compounds have shown to be valuable materials in dentistry for a hundred years. Formulations of calcium with esters exhibit remarkable properties in the healing process of dental structures, namely, in periapical (root tip) and endodontic (root canal) tissues, in vital root resection procedures, and on pulp tissues.

Over a period of 16 years, calcium compounds have greatly been used by the present observer in the development of therapies for endodontic and periodontal (gum and bone) infections. Since periodontal disease is the most common degenerative disease in industrialized societies, the Calcium Method of Periodontal Therapy (CMPT) is of significant interest. Furthermore, the versatility of calcium-ester compounds extends into such diverse areas as dental implantology and calcium deficiencies.

Therefore, this study was directed toward relationships among calcium compounds, periodontal disease, and calcium levels of saliva and blood. It is this observer’s hypothesis that CMPT is not only a sound and effective therapy, but could be related to the blood serum calcium level and calcium deficiencies. Research has indicated that one of the most responsive stores of calcium in the body to restore calcium imbalance is the alveolar bone, the delicate bone around the neck of each tooth as one of the tooth-supporting tissues, the Periodontium. That is the exact tissues directly and immediately affected by an advanced periodontal disease and by the CMPT.

Here is some proof and information on how astonishing the results are WOW, and I can testify of my own accomplishments which if you see the X-rays before you wouldn’t believe that the results now are real but they are and I am super happy with them and with deep gratitude for Dr. Manharts kindness and integrity look at these.



Calcium Method of Osteo-Cystic Therapy

This Case Report presented with a fixed bridge in place 25 years restoring #8 and #9. After two intense calcium treatments without anesthesia or surgery, a weekly regimen of the Calcium Chip was applied under the bridge pontic. Complete bone regeneration resulted in 15 months.

The Case Report x-rays ABOVE show the regeneration of human maxillary jawbone when treated with Calcium Therapy over 15 months.



Calcium Method of Osteoporosis Therapy?


The article BELOW visualizes the condition of osteoporosis. When strong drugs are used to resolve osteoporosis, ensuing unintended consequences can result. Calcium Therapy, on the other hand, maybe an alternative approach to resolving this dreaded disease.

The images below illustrate the progression of human bone density over a six-to-eight year period as the bone DEgenerates due to osteoporosis and becomes infected. The use of biophosphonates to curb osteoporosis may prevent bone breakdown but can hinder bone REgeneration. The public fears and shuns such drugs, physicians are frustrated, and dentists hate them because after tooth extraction the jaw bone does not heal well in patients taking these strong drugs for osteoporosis. Calcium Therapy, on the other hand, maybe an alternative approach to resolving osteoporosis.

The long-term improvements in Calcium Therapy are rapid and significant.




  • They stimulate healthier gingival tissues (gums) and the tightening of teeth.
  • In the 1960s we found that they heal and regenerate molar trifurcations (where the 3 roots separate at the neck of the tooth).
  • Over the decades of practice, we have clear clinical evidence that they enhance maxillary bone’s (upper jaw) unique ability to repair itself.
  • In fact, applications of calcium materials are excellent catalysts of the body in determining the source of infectious lesions of the oral cavity.


Calcium Therapy Materials

Advanced therapy is SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE.


Calcium Therapy materials are applied WITHOUT Novocaine, with NO pain to the gums and teeth. Calcium materials are applied and provide beneficial effects for extended periods, even as long as a month, to enhance healing.

These Calcium materials are quite remarkable, and it is difficult to imagine practicing without them. People want to save their teeth, and we help them do so without costly, agonizing surgery.

Well after all the research and studies is enough evidence that this therapy absolutely works, here we will provide you with links to testimonies, videos and were to purchase the products at a very LOW cost, I have spent thousands of dollars in deductibles to get basically nowhere in addition to loss of pain and trauma, hmmm.

To give you an example Calcium Therapy Kit for teeth and gums is a 90-day supply of calcium for less than the cost of ONE filling.

Here is the link to the order site:

We don’t make money off these products at all, we wish to be a source of helpful information for all of you that are looking for resources to better your quality of life, enjoy it and share so you to can make a difference in yours and someone else journey.

We urge you to check the links below so you can learn for yourselves what people are sharing about calcium therapy and their results.



Read Calcium Therapy Institute Items: Comments, Questions, and News!

Here we share a link to research




Safe teeth whitening with Calcium Therapy



woman teeth and smile, close up, isolated on white, whitening treatment



Calcium Carpule System


NOTE: Oral Cal and Carpule color are gone because we no longer needed it. All other ingredients are the same!

The Calcium Carpule System includes Carpules with Calcium/Zinc powder, and Oral-Cal granules to make 32 oz of solution, with which to saturate the capsules (cotton) and place in areas of mouth for an intense gum treatment and teeth whitening.

These intense calcium materials are a more thorough, effective self-treatment. Just one 30-40 minute session, with the Calcium Carpules saturated with Oral-Cal Rinse daily for a week, has the total effect of an in-office Calcium Treatment.

This home care routine will reduce plaque, stains, bad breath, calculus, sensitivity, decay and soothe the pain of canker sores or similar gum irritations. PLUS it whitens teeth and strengthens oral bone and makes your next dental visit a breeze.

They are easily adaptable to enable you to treat entire quadrants of teeth and gums right at home without interfering with other activities.

Instructions for Use:

CZ POWDER indenture for Osseo-Cystic Therapy (Upper anterior infection).

AFTER SUPPER, with packet closed, CUT off the corner of the packet to open it.
Tap a small amount of CZ Powder into the front area of the upper denture (the anterior).
Wear denture all night and wait until after breakfast to clean it. Repeat daily.
If CZ Powder remains, leave it. Wear denture all day, and repeat daily.
Can’t wear denture at night? Add CZ Powder after breakfast & wear all day.
NOTE: ONE packet of CZ Powder contains 20 small applications, i.e. about a month.

For the full information visit






The Calcium/Zinc-Toothbrush carries its own antiseptic brushing agent for the gum infection, teeth cleaning, bad breath, decay prevention, teeth whitening and desensitizing.

For the most natural refreshing cleaning, use the Calcium/Zinc-Toothbrush anytime and anywhere, as often as you like, whatever you are doing. No sloppy toothpaste or rinsing. Give your mouth and teeth a mild Calcium Treatment in 3 to 5 minutes.

The Calcium/Zinc-Toothbrushes will remain active for over a year.

Instructions for use:

Calcium/Zinc-Toothbrush for clean, bright teeth:

  1. Moisten Brush bristles with water, or a few drops of blue Oral-Cal.**
  2. Close lips over bristled head & brush the teeth and entire mouth for 3-5 minutes.
  3. This stimulates saliva. Empty the mouth, but do NOT rinse out the residue.
  4. Rinse the brush and let Oral-Cal residue soak into the gums, teeth, and bone.

NOTE: The calcium in the brush stimulates healing, refreshes the mouth and reduces bleeding. Brush gently, longer, and more often and do NOT chew the calcium off the head. It will last for several months. Repeat as needed.

For the full information visit


Calcium/Zinc Home or Travel Kit



The Calcium/Zinc Home or Travel Kit is a great Self-care Kit. Traveling is tough on the nerves and the body, especially on the gums.

The Kit is a quick refreshing treatment of your mouth and skin. All the self-care materials are good for use at home or on any trip. Just one Kit contains:

  • Two CZ-Toothbrushes
  • CZ Mouth Rinse (8 oz bottle)
  • Two discs of CZ Chips
  • Two sets of blue applicators
  • Calotion (Skin Lotion)

Calotion is added to the Travel Kit for skin protection from sunburn, itchy bites, leg cramps, shaving, and more.

The CZ Kit is effective for dental care and most skin problems.


Instructions for Use:

Calcium Toothbrush for clean, bright teeth:


  1. Moisten Calcium Brush bristles with water, or a few drops of Oral-Cal.**
  2. Close lips over bristled head & brush the teeth and entire mouth for 3-5 minutes.
  3. This stimulates saliva. Empty the mouth, but do NOT rinse out the residue.
  4. Rinse the brush and let Oral-Cal residue soak into the gums, teeth, and bone.

NOTE: The calcium in the brush stimulates healing, refreshes the mouth and reduces bleeding. Brush gently, longer, and more often and do NOT chew the calcium off the head. It will last for several months. Repeat as needed.


Oral-Cal mouth rinse:


Active granular ingredients are in the bottle. Add water to fill 8 to 12 oz. bottle. Let set 2 hours and use.

  1. For rinsing add several drops of Oral-Cal in front of the tongue.
  2. Swish vigorously around the mouth for several moments.
  3. For a brushing agent add several drops in front of the tongue and brush.
  4. In either case, brush, rinse the brush, and empty the mouth, but do NOT rinse out the remaining residue. Let this soak into the mouth tissues, teeth, and bone.


ONE packet of NEW, IMPROVED Oral-Cal or Calotion granules makes 3 bottles (24 to 30 oz) of the solution. As long as there are granules in the bottle, more water can be added, and then wait 2 hours to use.


Calcium Chips for gum infections:


  1. Open the clear packet of Calcium Chips, the hard yellow material.
  2. Moisten with saliva any flat, blunt applicator, like black plastic with the packet, or use your fingertip.
  3. Pick up the tiny chips, on the moist applicator and apply wherever needed at the edge of the gum tissue, BETWEEN the teeth.
  4. With the blunt applicator, slide the chips BETWEEN the teeth and under the gums wherever they will stay.
  5. Apply chips just before bedtime as needed every few days. Calcium Chips dissolve very slowly and are effective under the gums for several days.



Calotin for the skin, anywhere:





Active granular ingredients are inside the bottle.

  1. Add water to fill 8 to 12 oz. bottle. Let set 2 hours and use.
  2. Apply to almost anywhere on the skin as needed and let air dry.
  3. Apply Calotion to skin BEFORE shaving, and then AFTER. Let air dry.
  4. As long as granules remain in a bottle, more water can be added. Use after 2 hours.

NOTE: Calotion promotes healthy, smooth skin anywhere. Repeat as needed.


For the full information visit


CZ7 Calcium Skin Crème







CZ7 Calcium Skin Crème is a concentrated healing creme for many skin ailments.

CZ7 cleans wounds, relieves pain & itching of wounds, and speeds the healing,

CZ7 also reduces swelling, soreness, itching & scarring of injuries and wounds. It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and safer than harsh medications or antibiotics.

CZ7 Calcium Crème also heals burns, sunburn, acne, zits, stings. It prevents sunburn and blistering. It protects and heals skin from tanning sessions.

Even when used in small amounts its effects last for hours or days, with no irritation or odorous residue.

Instructions for Use

Calcium Skin Crème: (Concentrate)

  1. Moisten skin, and apply a small amount to burned, itchy, wounded, or scarred areas. For best results moisten skin with Calotion instead of water.
  2. Rub in slightly, gently. Excess crème in not needed.
  3. and let it sit on your skin

For the full information visit



Open Wide: Dr Mark Manhart’s Journey in Dentistry, Theatre, Education, Family, and Life




In people or in art, according to Dr Mark Manhart, “You may not like nor understand everything you see, but at least you will have a truer view of all that went into making the man or the artwork.” This biographical memoir takes the reader through all of his different lives – his “open life” and his “secret life.”

Dr Manhart’s professional side finds him a highly trained dentist who is actively engaged in developing new treatments and therapies []. His inner passion, which keeps him charged, is his involvement in theatre as a playwright, director, and sometimes an actor [].

For the full information visit


Here you can see a few testimonials 


You saved my teeth…

Dr Manhart – Hi, I just want to thank you so very much for your miraculous products. You are the best of the best! Of that I am sure. You saved my teeth, how can I thank you enough? I started a blog about my health journey. You are the first glean I wish to share with my family and friends. I hope you don’t mind, I used a paragraph from your site to explain the Calcium Therapy Institute as well as shared the link to your site. Why doesn’t the whole world know about you? – California RAY of Hope.

Several weeks ago the New York Times reported that research shows toothpaste and rinses are not very healthy. Right on time! A few decades ago we figured out that pastes and rinses are made with too many ingredients, some embalmers or alcohol, and leave the mouth raw and acidic. Calcium Therapy leaves the mouth and teeth pleasant, full of calcium and zinc. They become alkaline and calm so the normal healthy cells can preserve dental structures, the teeth, and one’s dignity.

Can Calcium Therapy Save My Molars?

QUESTION: About 4.5 years ago I was told I had bone loss and there was nothing that could be done and I would probably lose all my molars. I have been researching for a cure for years, I have tried pretty much everything on the internet and the tooth is still getting looser. I had given up when I came across your website three weeks ago. I really hope this is what I have been looking for. – DH in the UK

ANSWER: Denise, You may have found a way to save those molars. Every day we get emails about your concerns. Back in 1965, we started treating “hopeless” molars with our calcium materials, especially ones with bone loss and trifurcation infection deep between the roots. The only choice then was to remove the tooth. That is still the protocol of today. One of the most exciting findings we have made is in all these years is in almost all of the hundreds of cases the calcium has calcified the trifurcation and strengthened the bone so well the teeth tightened and were preserved for years or decades.

If after this post you are still wondering and not convinced then you may consider calling Dr Manhart he will take the time to talk to you in person he is very kind and compassionate he does every time I call with a concern and he recommended an amazing Dr the work on two molars that were supposed to be taking out and they save them without even using anesthesia and absolutely no pain at all, I am so great full my entire family uses the Calcium Therapy with amazing good results and we wish for you and family to have a great experience with the wellbeing of your teeth also thank you for your time and attention.





Eye Longevity 



Wishing you all the health, happiness and wealth. We are sending you much gratitude for all the support and likes, they are well appreciated by all of us.

On week 6 we are sharing a post about eyes, I had a challenge that lasted almost two years and came to find that I only needed a small amount of my dedication and some healthy research and it was over.For me is important to give the eyes their full value and be aware how they are built, what they do and how to keep them healthy and without the aid of glasses which  I still don’t need. It was in a period of challenge that this privilege was out of my control, not my favourite feeling, with that being said, I started my research and came up with a system that really worked and here I am sharing it with all of you, for some reason we humans tend to wait until is a big  challenge to take charge and pay attention to some of these big gifts that we shouldn’t take for granted, so here I would like to offer you the choice to prevent any of these issues, and have healthy eyes ! Enjoy and please share so other people can benefit from these research.




The Eyes are the doorways to the soul


The Eyes are the doorways to the soul

Eyes have for very long been referred to as the “Windows of the Soul.” But few people are aware of just how true this observation is. The accurate analysis of the iris structure and pigmentation provides information about your inner state of health that is hard to find through other methods. This is a higher value information is so valuable that Iridology deserves to become a widely practised assessment tool in both the physical and psychological health fields because it has the capacity to assess both. There is a multitude of challenges that influence our health and personality, and many of these factors are reflected in the iris. If you look closely at your eyes in a mirror, and then at the irises of those around you. You will see so many different patterns of iris fibres and colours. As fingerprints or faces, no two are exactly alike and is the same with our inner and outer stats we are individuals! The iris structure is so very unique; that is now being used for security identification at ATM machines and airports, and other forms of Governmental security systems. Microsoft’s house gearing up for the future will use an eye scanner to identify residents and unlock their home door.

They are connected to the entire nervous system, Which gives them a special importance.  In Taoism, the eyes are regarded as yang energy that guides all the chi flow in the body. The different areas of the eyes correspond to different organs of the body so they reveal the health of your entire body: you can tell which organs are weak or toxic by looking at your eyes. Nowadays people use their eyes much more than in the past to read, watch television, and work with computers, other electronic devices, and microscopes. This strains them a great deal and allows much of the energy of the connected organs to be drained out. Massaging the eyes will reenergize the vital organs.






How do children inherit eye color? Can a child’s eye color be predicted? Why are an albino’s eyes pink? How can two brown eyed parents produce a blue-eyed child? Why are my eyes a darker blue than my siblings? How are the colors in the iris formed? These are questions one may have wondered from time to time. The answer to all of these question lies in the genes inherited from one’s parents.

Different eye colors are produced because of the different amounts and patterns of pigment in the iris. The amount of pigment and the pattern of the pigment is determined by a person’s genetic makeup. The DNA received from one’s parents determines what color eyes they will have.

Each human has 46 chromosomes located in the nucleus of the cell. These are divided into 23 pairs of chromosomes. A baby inherits one chromosome from each parent in each pair of chromosomes. A piece of DNA on a chromosome is called a gene. Genes are the basic unit of heredity, they determine many characteristics about a baby. Genes also come in pairs. Alleles are found in genes and determine the appearance of any characteristic. There are two alleles for each trait inherited. If the two alleles are the same then they are homozygous for that gene. If the alleles are different, then they are called heterozygous. One allele is expressed over the other allele. This is called the dominant allele, the unexpressed allele is called recessive. For example, if there was a brown allele and a blue allele, the brown is dominant, so the person would have brown eyes. But not just one pair of genes can control a single trait. Right now there are three known gene pairs that control eye color. The bey 2 gene on chromosome 15 contains a brown and blue allele. Also on chromosome 15, the bey 1 gene is the central brown gene. On chromosome pair 19 the gey gene contains a green allele and a blue allele.

A green allele is dominant over a blue allele, and a brown allele is dominant over both green and blue alleles. For the bey 2 gene if a person has a brown allele then they will have brown eyes. In the gey gene, the green allele is dominant over the blue allele, but it is still recessive next to a brown allele. For example, if a person has a brown allele on chromosome 15, but all the other alleles are blue or green, they will have brown eyes. A green-eyed person would have a green allele on chromosome 19 and all or some other blue alleles. Blue eyes are produced only with two blue eye genes. All four alleles must be blue to produce a blue-eyed person.

Another way of predicting the color of a child’s eyes is to use the parent’s eye color genes. If both parents have a blue and brown gene, their eyes are brown, but if the child inherits the blue gene from each parent then the child will have blue eyes. If the child only inherits one blue gene then they will have brown eyes. The genetics determine what color a child will have, but how exactly does this color form in the eye?

Melanin, a pigment also found in the skin, is the substance that produces the eye colors specified by the genes. The amount and placement of the melanin produce the different eye colors that we see. Melanin is a dark brown pigment that is placed in the iris. The more melanin used in the iris means the darker the eye color will appear, the less melanin used means that the eye color will be lighter. The genes tell the enzymes how much melanin to deposit in the iris. A newborn’s eyes appear blue but may darken over the next few years. Melanin production has not begun at the time of birth. A child’s true eye color cannot be determined until the age of three.

There are two layers to the iris, the anterior and the external, or front and back layers. To produce blue eyes, there is no pigment found in the front layer. The brown pigment melanin is deposited in the back layer only. It appears blue because of reflection and diffraction of light. In green eyes, a small amount of melanin is deposited in the front layer of the iris along with the melanin found in the back layer. The additional pigment to the amount needed for blue eyes, causes the eye to appear green. To produce gray eyes, the dark pigment is distributed in the front layer of the iris and over the blue background, it appears gray. In brown eyes, there is so much pigment in the front layer, that the blue behind is completely covered up. Some people have so much pigment in the front layer that their eyes appear very dark brown or black. Hazel, blue-green, gray-blue eye colors are produced by different amounts of pigmentation and the pattern in which the pigment is placed. Albino eyes have no pigment at all in either layer of the iris. The iris appears pink or red because of the reflection of blood vessels in the back of the eye. The pattern in which the pigment is deposited is also determined by genetics. The pigment may be deposited in rings, clouds, radial stripes, or spread over the entire iris.

A person’s eye color is determined by the genes inherited from their parents. The types of alleles received from the parents are assigned to certain chromosomes. The dominant genes are expressed and the recessive genes are hidden. In the development of the iris, those genes tell enzymes to produce and place a certain amount of melanin in the iris to form the eye color.



Performing Eye Massage 

According to Taoist Master Mantak Chia



Begin with the procedure for bringing energy to the hands and face. When your hands and face are hot, direct the chi to both eyes until you feel them filled with energy.

1.Close your eyes. Use your fingertips to gently massage your eyeballs through your closed eyelids, six to nine times clockwise then six to nine times counterclockwise. Then gently massage the area around the lids the same number of times. Be aware of painful spots and massage those places until the pain goes away. pay special attention to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Massaging these points of the Gall bladder meridian will relieve eye ailments. However, when rubbing near the corners of the eyes, do not rub too hard, because you can make the corners of the eyes droop down. finish with rubbing the corners of the eyes upward.

2.Pull up the eyelids to increase the fluid. Use the thumb and index finger to gently pinch and pull up the eyelids, then release them. Do this six times.

3.Massage the eye sockets by bending your index fingers and using the lower section to rub the upper and lower bones of the eye sockets six to nine times

4.The next step is to get a tear out of your eyes, which will strengthen them. Hold an index finger up about eight inches from your eyes (or put a dot on the wall five to six feet away from you). Stare at it intently without blinking until you feel like a fire is burning in your eyes The Taoists believe that this technique burns the toxins out of the body through the eyes.

5.Bring chi to your eyes by rubbing your hands until they are warm, then closing your eyes and covering your eye sockets with your palms. Feel the chi from the hands being absorbed into the eyes. Rotate your eyes six to nine times, first in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise.



Eyeball exercise


eye exercises1



The eyes have many muscles that we typically do not exercise very much. This causes them to become weak, contributing to poor eyesight. In addition, the eyes are closely connected with certain organs and nerves. Exercising the eyeballs not only is the best exercise for the eye muscles but also will exercise these linked areas by putting pressure on them: Contracting the middle of the eyeballs strengthens the back of the eye muscles and the inner ear. Moving the eyeballs upward by looking toward the crown strengthens the upper eye muscles and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. Moving the eyeballs from side to side strengthens the side eye muscles as well as the ear canals, eardrums, tear ducts, and nose. Moving the eyes downward strengthens the lower eye muscles as well as the lower parts of the ear canals and the nervous system.

Chrysanthemum Tea


11-27-14 chrysanthemum-tea-1200x900


The chrysanthemum has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for eye care. The flower is beneficial for correcting imbalances in kidney and liver function that is a cause of dry eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, spots in front of the eyes and excessive tearing, it can boost your immune system, improve vision, calm your nerves, lower inflammation, strengthen your bones, and aid respiratory issues, among others.Chrysanthemum tea is made by infusing hot water with full flowers, which release a wide variety of antioxidants, organic compounds amino acids, vitamins, minerals a good source of Vitamin Bs like choline, folacin, niacin as well as riboflavin. It also contains Vitamin C which reduces the risks of scurvy and protects the eyes.

 A warm infusion of chrysanthemum flowers may be helpful in relieving eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes and any eye issues in general.  You can drink the tea or apply hot compresses for relief from aching, tired eyes. If you have the actual chrysanthemum blossoms, soak them in hot water for a few minutes and make a poultice by placing them between two pieces of gauze. Place a poultice on each eyelid and relax for 10 minutes for relief from eye strain. Speak to your herbalist or health practitioner before using chrysanthemum for eye use.


 Drinking Chrysanthemum tea can:


1. Detoxifies the blood, helps with sinus congestion and regulates high blood pressure. It can also help to calm the nerves.

2. Restrains the growth of bacteria – like Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus B, Pseudomonas   aeruginosa, Shigella dysenteriae, tubercle bacillus and dermatomycosis – in the body.

3. It can help with Heatstroke heatstroke, due to its cooling effect.

4. Facilitates digestion and apt after having greasy and oily foods.

5. Helps to strengthen lungs and relieve head congestion.

6. Improve vision and hearing and especially recommended for those who work long hours in front of a computer.

7. It contains zero calories when consumed without adding sugar or honey. It also doesn’t contain any caffeine.



Eye Vitamins


Lutein is an antioxidant carotenoid a pigmented nutrient that is responsible for the yellow colors of fruits and vegetables and is present in the highest quantities of dark, leafy green vegetables. You’re born with a certain amount of lutein in your eye, but your body doesn’t reproduce it.

Why is lutein important to my sight?

The macula is the region of the retina responsible for central vision. It’s also the area that is most sensitive to blue light, the part of the visible light spectrum that, along with ultraviolet light, can damage your eyes. Lutein helps protect against this damage by filtering blue light before it can damage the macula.* If sunglasses are the first line of defence against blue light, lutein is the last.

How much lutein do I need?

The amount of lutein in the eye may deplete with age. Leading doctors recommend you get at least 6 mg of lutein per day to help maintain proper eye health we recommend to check with your health practitioner before embarking on any dietary supplement consumption. Since your body doesn’t make lutein, you must constantly replace it with the foods you eat. Dark, leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale are especially good sources. But you’d have to eat over 2 bowls of raw spinach every day to get the recommended daily dose of 6 mg of lutein here is a good place to source from juicing this vegetable also. Taking a multivitamin may help, but many multivitamins contain only a fraction of the recommended 6 mg of lutein. In fact, the leading multivitamin contains just .25 mg of lutein − a mere 4% of the recommended amount.


The Eyes: A direct extension of the liver


According to Chinese medical theory, the eyes are the gate of the liver organ and are ruled by the liver system.  The eyes are considered by TCM to be the bridge between the liver and the outside world. They are an outward expression of the health state of the liver.

Healthy functioning of the liver allows the eyes to distinguish colors in the correct way. The common clinical condition where this situation is most evident in the Western medical diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa translated as colour-blindness.This circumstance is when color perception is not distinguishable from the eyes, indicating poor liver function. When a person is experiencing any chronic and /or degenerative problem with the vision the liver is always involved on some level because in Chinese medicine “the liver opens into the eyes.”


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