Cory is the producer of a popular YouTube channel (3,000,000+ views) called “Cory’s ConsciousLiving” where she guides thousands of followers and subscribers through healing meditations and stories designed for both children and adults alike. Specializing in many meditation techniques, she teaches frequent classes for both large groups and individuals in the San Diego area. Cory is a Certified Advanced Altered States Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology through the International University of Professional Studies.

Cory is a teacher and member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT). Also a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. She previously served for three years as the Executive Director of the Institute of Thought (IOT) in San Diego. Teaching both basic and advanced levels of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. She was the Executive Assistant to Dr. Joseph Costa, CEO/Founder of World Healer Institute. Cory also Taught and Co-Directed the 15th Step Program. Today Cory is dedicated to applying her learning and wisdom to the healing of the Earth and the consciousness of its people through her private practice –Ajna Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Intuitive Guidance. She is the author of a many children’s books, audio books and guided meditations which are available for download on her website

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Feeling emotionally free, centered, and self-confident enough to tackle any challenge that your children present you.

Transforming the relationship with your children while getting the recognition, love, and respect you deserve. Knowing that you are having a profound positive effect on them.

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Parenting Program Development


Objective – To educate parents individually into/through “teen years” so they can learn to guide their child into becoming a fully empowered young adult!

Mothers – Whats your role?


For many years it has been your role as a parent to spend 100% effort on raising, teaching, showing, guiding your child into becoming a decent human being. A healthy, happy, confident, smart, powerful, self assured, loving and caring, giving, respectful human being is what we would all like to achieve while raising/creating a child. It seems as if we just get used to a chapter or stage in their development and then all of a sudden another year older bring new challenges and new things to learn as a parent. The teen years are defiantly a new chapter. There are so many changes, challenges and wonderful developments to witness as a parent that sometimes it can be quite overwhelming, l know l said to my husband many a time “Where did my sweet little girl go and who sent me this monster”! Looking back their where no monsters in my home just a young women wanting to crawl out of her caterpillar cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. She wanted to take everything she had learned in the past 13 years and start to live it for herself, l was the one that wasn’t ready for her to fly!

Learn how to listen, really listen to your child. Listen from a perspective of guide rather than owner!

Learn how to set boundaries that are fair and age appropriate!

Learn all about your new role and what that means for you!

Learn how to be and example rather than a dictator!

Learn to fully understand and accept this young individual that was once your baby!

Fathers whats your role?

My dad was my everything until puberty came into my life. He was my hero, my safety, my protector, provider. His kisses and hugs were like a warm blanket filled with love. Dad was everything!

It can be so hard during the teen years to deal with your child son or daughter know longer needing you in the same way as they did in the past. The shift in their development and maturity seems to also bring a separation that feel like you are in two different worlds at times. What is my role now you may ask yourself? Do l just shout loader, create more rules, hold on tighter?

Learn what your new role is as a father with a teenage child!

Learn how to build a different kind of relationship that still brings closeness but also allows your child self expression!

Learn how to not take things personally!

Learn when your needed and when to step back, learn new boundaries!

Webinar Goals


The goal with Mother and Father webinars is to provide different levels of “Teen Years”

parenting skills classes.

To guide parents through these massive changes with ease and to give hope to building

a strong, healthy, loving relationship with their growing teen!

Most importantly to learn to not take every mistake your child makes as a reflection of

your poor parenting abilities.

Its time to rescript your thinking, this is not about you taking things personally, this is about

learning with love and grace how to continuing to raise your child to the best of your ability!

Teen parent and child testimonials

From Cynthia and Diego H:

My experience with Cory was a very positive one. Her guidance allowed me to feel very secure and respected.  I felt I could talk to her about anything because she listens with an open heart. Her therapy sinks in deep and real. 


From Mindie: Cory has such an amazing and special gift to understand individuals at many levels and dimensions. She also helps bridge the gap between teenagers and parents when the situation seems so out of hand. We absolutely adore Cory and feel very blessed to be able to count on her whenever we need her help. We love her!!

From her daughter Sophia:

Cory helped me through so much and i will always be thankful to have found her. sweetest person ive ever met.

I love her!

From Sara A: Cory is an amazing and compassionate counselor. Saige was suffering from severe anxiety. My daughter would not talk to any other counselor but Cory. Cory made a huge positive impact on my daughter’s life,well-being and my relationship with Saige for that I am truly thankful and I recommend Cory to anyone that has any counseling needs.  Thank you Cory!
Her daughter Saige:
Ms. Cory helped me a fully with my issues. She helped view life in a more positive way. She had me set goals for myself and I strived to meet them. I am very happy with how she helped me and I would definitely go see her if I needed it again.

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