Daily Gratitude Journal

Let’s start by centering ourselves and taking a few slow deep breaths all the way down to our bellies, relaxing and centering ourselves with each breath more and more.
When you are ready to go to your journal and write down the things, the people, the experiences or whatever comes to mind that you are grateful for.
By making this your daily practice, (it only takes a few minutes if that),  your life will transform in a way that you have never expected.
It is important here to focus on the experiences, people, and things that you already have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, by that I mean focus in the NOW. The energy of lack only confirms lack the fact that we don’t have something or someone that we wanted for example, by focusing on this energy, we create more of it, and I am sure that is not what you want. All entries in the journal must be positive and done in the present tense, like:

“I am grateful to be granted another day to appreciate how lucky I am to be alive”

This is just and an example you will know exactly what you are thankful for at this moment, you are the source.
Let’s move to another interesting piece that not only creates gratitude but at the same time wakes up acceptance, letting go of our ego, forgiveness, among other positive actions. By being in this energy we step up in our evolution to a more centering space our true source, what a gift and here is a big step to that. Think of a challenging event that happened today or in your life, write it down and find what you learned from it, here is an example:
“As I was talking to my friend I realized through her negativity of speech that I was pretty positive on my outlook of life”

“ Today, I got lost trying to find where I was going, and in the process, I realized that it was a much shorter and quiet way to get there”

The bottom line is that Gratitude is a great foundation to integrate all our experiences. Here is your field of all possibilities, where your desires can manifest into reality and you can live in your purpose.
As you set your intentions, fill your whole self with gratitude. Intentions are a great place to start where we can fulfill our dreams and combined with gratitude they become a reality. This combination never fails, it creates clarity on the energy that you really really want, and when you apply energy, focus and attention to something it creates more of it, that is the Universal Law. So here is a good place to check in with our awareness. If we are focusing on negativity or hooking up with what the media or on what people thrive on like all the negative programming we get, that only take us farther away from our own true selves, I consistently check with myself, am I being just plain critical about something? is it my reality? or am I joining in mass programming? You will be surprised how many negative comments and thoughts we have through the day that we are not aware of. Caution here. due to the inevitable fact that these energies shape our reality.
The NOW is where we can manifest, the past is gone it doesn’t exist anymore. What we look like when we were 10 years of age is not longer here, the future doesn’t exist, only the now does so let’s shape our NOW, and the future will be a gratitude shaped life full of our desires come true. You don’t have to believe in it, it just is, have faith, patience with yourself, we all come from the field of all possibilities we just need to remember and awake this place with thankfulness Gratitude is a great key to your portal.
Be patient, trust your inner power and your divine connection, we tend to seek validation from the outside and strive for proof that only disconnect us from our instincts. Experience wonder, be surprised, let go of control and your life will be free, peaceful and full of joy, believe like a child does. Wake up the feelings that everything is possible, that is how the people that are great at manifesting do it in this world, and you can also accomplish this.
Let’s align you first with your source
Let’s be very clear, that way you don’t create static that stops the flow.
Be focused. Energy goes where we direct it to.
Be in gratitude, feel it inside and outside yourself all around
Ask for your purpose.
Let’s start our week Journal. Place a date on each day that you write on it, so down the road, you can come back to it and be grateful for where it took you, this is a great place to observe how much Gratitude journaling it works.

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