April Full Moon – Indra’s Net of Jewels

April Full Moon

Indra’s Net of Jewels

April Full Moon

Indra’s Net of Jewels

The full moon falls on the 7th of April 2020 in the US across the Vedic star of Chitra in the sidereal constellation of Virgo.


This full moon, dear astropeeps, is the second super moon of the year, shining more intensely and looming large as it rises over the eastern horizon. April’s moon is brokenhearted, as it is so very isolated in the heavens. A lonely, kemadruma moon reflecting the isolation so many are experiencing, with the influence of the Corona virus upon the world. Emotions are intense as the supermoon amplifies our fears of the pandemic and social isolation. Significantly the shadow planet Rahu, the north node of the moon, the eclipse point, sits with Gemini under the powerful star of Ardra. Ardra’s deity is the storm God, Rudra, who rules over destruction and dissolution.


This is all strengthened by a dignified Mars and Saturn as many are self-isolating or serving the community through social distancing. However, all is not lost, for the beautiful light of Chitra reminds us we are not alone.


The Arthara Veda likens the universe to a golden net woven by the love and light of Indra. Renowned as the most celebrated God of the Lunar Mansions, respected for his courage and street smarts. At each intersecting node of Indra’s net is a bright jewel. Chitra is known as the beautiful jewel that reflects every other jewel in the universe. This matrix of light forms the world. Chitra reveals a magnificent fractal and holographic vision of connectedness, in which her light shines through all things.


At such an extraordinary moment of a global shutdown, we are experiencing the coronation of light, resulting in a paradigm shift of consciousness. As above, so below. From Indra’s net of jewels, to the internet of the online world, to the mycelial mushroom underground Watch This!


Nature is reconfiguring possibility and expressing Her power to offer us healing. To recreate our world as an expression of light, grounded in love, community, and connection. Through the molten transformation of our world and our hearts, though this season of sorrow, the full moon of Chitra shines upon us.


The 13th-century saint, Jnaneshwar stated that the gold thread connecting all the gold beads the manifest world is none other than the play of Shiva and Shakti. While there are moments we may feel alone in the world, Jnaneshwar reminds us, “gold which is heated again and again in a crucible, doesn’t deteriorate, for its quality increases.” Jnaneswhar’s Gita 10:55.


Chitra’s position in the celestial neighborhood of Virgo offers a productive period of reorganization and enforced structure upon us. The structure and perception of this celestial Vastu is overseen by the Deity Vishvakarma, the divine architect, who is the organizing principle behind the perfection of the cosmos.


Chitra is a star connected with passion, beauty, and sensuality. This moon offers a window to up-level your creative life ruled by an exalted Mars, adding energy and passion. Use your hands, to build, to love, to connect, and the Virgo energy to organize, discriminate, and create beauty.


That Supreme Being is Light itself, active within all creatures. It also radiates in the heart of the sun and the moon. Jnaneshwar’s Gita 15:279-282

All things are seen by this light, which itself is not seen. The world is illumined by its hidden Light. Jnaneshwar Gita 15:227


Disclaimer: The power and beauty of Jyotish lie in its individual expression through a natal chart, reflecting the unique influence of the stars and planets upon a personal life. Full moon and global Jyotish posts exploring cosmic influences is a broad look at how the euphoric light is expressing in the world. For a personalized astrology reading, please contact Emily.


By Michael 


Emily Glaser RN, BSN

Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner


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