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I-RAMA offers courses from top thought leaders on a multitude of topics: Self-Help, Australian Flower Essences, Cranial Sacral, Sound Healing, Primordial Sound Meditation, Qi Gong, Journaling, Music, Children Meditation, Guided Meditations, Coaching, Spiritual Based Business Guidance, Books, Live-Streaming Events, Video and Audio Programs, Interviews, and much more.


Experience ultimate fulfillment in your life as you master your physical health and finances at Life and Wealth Mastery. This 8-day immersive program is designed to help you reclaim your body’s natural vitality, re-establish balance and fulfillment in life, and empower your mind with cutting-edge insights from today’s most advanced instructors in health, wellbeing, finance, and productivity. This isn’t just another wellness retreat – it’s a pivot point to reclaim and revitalize your life.




A month after Date With Destiny, I wrote Sleepless in Seattle and sold it for a quarter of a million dollars. Since then, I’ve sold or been assigned seven more screenplays, at escalating amounts of money, for major studios and the top directors in the business.”


Jeff Arch 

Screenwriter and Oscar nominee, Sleepless in Seattle


“Following Mastery, I’ve experienced a whole new relationship and marriage, a 79-pound weight loss, a 600% increase in my income, and a new position as Subsidiary President / CEO of a billion dollar corporation.”


Polly Bauer
Subsidiary President/CEO
Home Shopping Network


“I was successful, but I had no balance in my life. It was all about success and money, and I was trying too hard to get it. At Date with Destiny, Tony helped me shift my values. I now live a life by my own design, with explosive energy and razor-sharp focus. I have an amazing relationship, I feel myself getting stronger and better each day, and my companies will reach $20 million in revenue this year!”


Bill Lyons
President and CEO, LEI
Financial, San Diego, California

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The ONE Hidden Cause Of Suffering… And How To Fix It


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The Gift of Breathing by Isabel Harkins

 If you are ready to finally manage stress, insomnia, weight loss, increase sustainable energy, rejuvenate your entire body this is the book for you.


“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you”



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