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The Gift of Breathing by Isabel Harkins

 If you are ready to finally manage stress, insomnia, weight loss, increase sustainable energy, rejuvenate your entire body this is the book for you.


Ayurveda and Fall part 2

Vata dosha predominates, movement and change are characteristic of the nature of Vata. You tend to always be on the go, with an energetic and creative mind. As long as Vata is in balance, you will be lively and enthusiastic, with a lean body, Energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and your heartbeat.



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personalized Yoga Nidra Meditation

by Isabel Harkins.

Isabel specializes in writing Personalized yoga nidra scripts recorded for your specific needs. Personalized yoga nidra can help you change habits, release tension by resetting the nervous system, and transform your life in a very powerful way! 

Cost- $74.99

Cost includes private consultation, personalized script, and recording.





Isabel has a true gift of being able to reach me where many teachers cannot. Your voice and the inner path you weave can help me get to a release point where I feel the restful effects slowly take the place of untidy thoughts. Many thanks.

~Joe H


Have just signed up, excited to try this out.

~Synthia R


I am finally able to sleep through the night and more than once I woke up and felt not tired and groggy. I have recommended it to a co-worker and she said it worked for her as well (after months of only getting a minimal amount of sleep due to major stress).

~Jenny W


This is an amazing session. It transports me into the deep layers of my being and simultaneously expands me outward. Difficult to describe exactly. Thank you for this lovely experience.

~Sue H


Thank you so much for this meditation. It has been a great help for my sleep and relaxation. Can’t thank you enough for making it available.

~Joice W

The Power of Face Reading your face never lies


This post is about one of my favorite and most fascinating subjects I have studied. When I lived in China I was introduced to Face Reading and anytime I could I would go to learn from the readers Wow, it is like they know your whole story and of your ancestors as well. A well-tuned professional face reader can describe you and your ancestors so well that it may make you feel that he or she has been involved in your life on a daily basis. It is amazing. The accuracy and finesse of the system.

With much gratitude, we wish you happiness and health.



Yoga Nidra Journey

By Isabel Harkins



Live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life – whether that means achieving in business, reigniting your relationship, or discovering who you really are. Tony Robbins’ live events, one-on-one coaching program, training systems, and group workshops will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.



I-RAMA would like to invite you to our Free three-part series on Pranayam(Breathing Techniques)

 It is important to build a strong foundation: Start by establishing the basics of breathing. Every cell in your body inhales the oxygen and exhales the carbon dioxide – a process called respiration. Breathing is important because our cells constantly need a new supply of oxygen so they can produce energy – without this vital oxygen, cellular function is impaired, and damage.

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. The way you breathe affects your whole body. Proper breathing technique is crucial for optimal health and yet most of us aren’t getting it right – and by right I mean using diaphragmatic breathing (also known as horizontal breathing).

Learning the proper way to breath improves stress and tension, it relieves anxiety and much more


For the full  Pranayam series please click the link below.


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Reduce stress and sleep better with 10 of Cory’s meditations. The package includes the meditations: Deep Sleep Time, Floating Into Sleep, Everything is Ok, Safe To Relax, Cloud Sleeping, Time To Chill, Stress Releasing, Stress Check, Anxiety Relief, and Falling To Sleep. 


Only 49.99 for all 10 meditations


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