Me Time

Parent Meditation Program

With Cory Cochiolo MA, CHt

Cory is the producer of a popular YouTube channel (3,000,000+ views) where she guides thousands of followers and subscribers through healing meditations and stories designed for both adults and children alike. Specializing in many meditation techniques, she teaches frequent classes for both large groups and individuals in the San Diego area. Cory is a Certified Advanced Altered States Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology through the International University of Professional Studies.


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Does this sound familiar?


• I am tired of struggling with my child all of the time.

• I don’t really understand my child behaviors.

• I don’t trust my parenting instincts.

• I feel lost.

• Timeouts and reward are no longer working.

• I have read so many parenting books. and NONE of them seem to help.

• I want to get along with my kids.

• I love my child so much and want to connect with him or her in a way that feels easy (easier)

• I feel guilty, insecure, resentful, and tired of my
   constant struggle.

• The situation is causing my partner and me to disagree on what to do with the kids.

• We need expert support.

Here Cory presents a series of meditations designed to help parents through numerous situations that may come up while raising a child!
Sometimes we love being with our children and sometimes we love to be alone.
Having time to our selves can be a challenge, so when we get it, let’s make it count! won’t you agree?
Whether is an hour or 30 minutes that you have I am happy to have created this awesome “Me Time” meditation program with the intent of bringing you some healing, self-nurturing, nourishing, balancing and of course calming vibes for you to embrace while you have the chance!
All you have to do is lay down, switch off the mommy or daddy button off and give yourself some love.
Here is a good place to remember that we have to have love to give it. Fill up your vessel, rejuvenate and fell renewed enough to jump back on that parenting ride 🙂

Meditation #1 Still Me


During this meditation, you will ….

Relax Deeply.
Regain a sense of all the other parts of you that aren’t being a parent.
Regain a feeling of inner peace and balance.


Meditation #2 My Breath is My Savior


During this meditation, you will….

Relax deeply
Learn how to breathe and fill your body with a renewed sense of calmness and maybe sanity.


Meditation #3 Let The Guilt Go!!


During this meditation, you will…

Relax deeply Let go of any guilty may be feeling about not being the perfect parent.
Learn how to stop negative thoughts.


Meditation #4 Give Me Patients


During this meditation, you will…

Relax deeply
Fill up and overdose on Zen, loving, peace-filled vibes so you feel ready to handle anything that comes your way.


Meditation #5 Love What Comes


During this meditation, you will…

Relax deeply
Look at your life and find love and gratitude in all the messes and the masterpieces.
Gain a refreshing perspective on just how lucky you are.

Messages from happy customers…


Wow, my son fell asleep before 8 mins. he didn’t even want to go to bed, now he’s snoring.

~ Knecia Andall2


Really works lovely voice

~ Donna Hill3



That helped so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Kaitlyn Sharkey



My 5 year old loves her video thanks so much xx

~ izzy bell10

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