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Cory is the producer of a popular YouTube channel (3,000,000+ views) where she guides thousands of followers and subscribers through healing meditations and stories designed for both adults and children alike. Specializing in many meditation techniques, she teaches frequent classes for both large groups and individuals in the San Diego area. Cory is a Certified Advanced Altered States Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology through the International University of Professional Studies.

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Through my personal growth as a spiritual teacher and student, I have learned that a Spiritual Being is one who has an understanding of the functioning of their animal brain as well as soul-mind; furthermore, they have the ability to balance both functions in harmony.

Learning about life as we live it is really what it is all about. Each happy moment, each painful mistake all add up to the fact that through experience, wisdom is gained, or should I say, wisdom should be gained. For some, life can be hard. At times we simply need help moving past or through certain obstacles that come up along our journey. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy sessions, Past Life Regressions, Counseling, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, and similar processes can offer the necessary guidance and healing your life may require to regain your lost harmony and balance.

On my website and blog, I wish to offer counsel and share spiritual lessons to help people find their path to a fulfilling life experience and the enlightenment we all seek.

To receive one-to-one guidance, coaching, or sessions for your personal healing please feel free to contact me and we can organize an appointment to study and chart the course of your healing and spiritual growth.




Meditation according to Cory Cochiolo


I believe that meditation can come in many different modes. Even washing the dishes can be done in such a way that a trance-like state can be achieved. Being completely in the present moment, following the breath are very simple ways of creating a calming, balanced feeling throughout the whole being. The main goal or desired accomplishment with meditation is to find a way to the soul. The soul aspect of who we are knows everything about us from past, present, and future. The soul has the answers to all our possible questions. The practice of meditation can break through the barriers of the left brains constant questioning and skepticism. Allowing the right brain, in turn, to open the doorway to the soul.



What is meditation for you?


I believe meditation to be very personal. Everyone is different and each one of us may have different feelings or experiences during our meditation practice. It is important to know that we may all experience different things and that’s ok, knowing that helps to take away comparison. For me personally, l feel an overwhelming feeling of joy, peace, love… it feels like someone l love is holding me. Sometimes it feels like Mother Earth holding me or a guide, angel, etc, it feels like HOME! At times it can be difficult, hard to sit, hard to focus or let go. The brain can be extremely strong willed when we aren’t in a good place, but that’s the times l know l need it the most. There is no right or wrong with meditation, do what feels good for you. If it doesn’t feel good we tend to not want to do it, so make it feel good!



What would like to say to introduce yourself?


There is so much l could share about me. I am a woman, we are wonderful, wonderfully complex and fascinating, as are men, but for this sharing l will stick to meditation.
I found meditation back in 2003. I was very sick and on lots of medication. I needed help and a close friend took me to a group called Soul Group, it was a bunch of spiritually like-minded people who got together once a week and just talked about all sorts of crazy wonderful things like Aliens and reincarnations of Jesus, etc. The meeting was held in a school called the Institute of Thought…. it was were l got my certification as a Hypnotherapist… l didn’t move on from all of life’s experiences connected to that school until 2011! That’s how l found meditation! Now in 2019, all l seem to do on a daily basis is meditation, in one form or another. I am either recording them for I Rama, my YouTube channel, apps, podcasts, clients, personal meditations for children, or trying to breathe and take a break myself.



What inspired you to do meditation?


When your life changes to the point where you feel like you are no longer the same person as you were before you found meditation, that has to be shared. Something so simple, yet so magical needs to be shouted off the top of the tallest buildings if it will help others. I am here to help others, that’s my journey this lifetime, meditation is a big gift for all of us as far as l am concerned!



What do you think people will accomplish with meditation?


For me the biggest benefit l have learned through meditation is that l am not alone. I never will be. We are not alone, we never will be. The connection we have as beings is undeniable. Learning that we are all one, learning that life is real yet an illusion, learning that everyone and everything l see around me is a reflection of my self, learning that we are all aspects of God, beautiful and perfectly imperfect… learning who l am and loving all of me. I have learned sooooo much just by being quiet in meditation, and that’s just me. As a whole, can you imagine what the world could look like if we all meditated!



Can anybody do your meditations?


Anyone and everyone can do my meditations. When l create a meditation l am everyone and everything. I connect to all the different parts of me. Feel all the different needs, wants and desires. I am you, and you, and you…. The children’s meditations help us grownups sometimes and some of my adult meditations are great for children too. We are all capable of feeling good from meditation!

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Meditations included in the program



Deep Sleep Time

Floating Into Sleep

Everything is Ok

Safe To Relax

Cloud Sleeping

Time To Chill

Stress Releasing

Stress Check

Anxiety Relief

Falling To Sleep

Ready To Transform Your Life.


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