Australian Bush Flower Essences

Sydney Rose


The first aspect of the rare Sydney Rose to strike you is its intense, beautiful pink fragrant flower (about 2cms across) which does not fully open. Sydney Rose can grow up to a meter in height.

Pink is symbolic of the love vibration and the healing quality of this remarkable Essence is to realize and know — on a deep heart level not merely an intellectual level — that there is no separation between us, that we are all one. This Essence was made on the 19th August 1999. That day was the third and final astrological grand cross of the year and marked the beginning of a very important cycle for humanity. The healing quality that Sydney Rose offers us, is the key to this new phase of unfolding growth and consciousness.

If human consciousness is going to evolve then this will need to be the one fundamental premise to be embraced and to operate from, for in so doing it will create compassion, tolerance, and love for others and the willingness to help and support others. Not surprisingly, whilst making this Essence I kept hearing over and over this message “the crowning glory, the crowning glory, this is the crowning glory of the Bush Essences.”


Negative Condition:

• feeling separated, deserted, unloved or morbid


Positive Outcome:

• realizing we are all one
• feeling safe and at peace
• heartfelt compassion
• the sense of unity

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