Australian Bush Flower Essences

Red Lily


Red Lily is the same flower as the Sacred Lotus in the Buddhist tradition. It is for spirituality and connection to God in a grounded and centered way, allowing a person to have a wholeness to their spirituality by also realizing the need to develop and maintain a balanced physical and emotional life. It has similar properties to that of Sundew for feeling scattered, not whole, vague and split, though Sundew applies to daily life whereas Red Lily is in relation to one’s spirituality. I waded thigh deep in mud through a billabong teeming with leeches, turtles, and snakes to pick this flower. Such is the joy of discovery.


Negative Condition:

• vague
• disconnected
• split
• lack of focus
• daydreaming


Positive Outcome:

• grounded
• focused
• living in the present
• connection with life and God

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