Australian Bush Flower Essences

Monga Waratah


Monga Waratah (also known as Braidwood Waratah), a shrub up to 4 meters, has a very small distribution around the moist forested areas and creeks of the Mongarlowe River near Braidwood in New South Wales. Its flower is the same red color as the more common Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) although it only seems to have the base of the Waratah’s flower as if the top cone or diamond has been removed. The Monga Waratah has the appearance of an open hand reaching out, as if wanting or needing more of something. This is a key note in its Doctrine of Signatures.

Like its close relative Waratah and other Essences in the proteaceae family, Monga Waratah has a very powerful energy. This Essence can help a person find their inner strength which enables them to reach out.

It addresses the negative conditions of disempowerment; of being overly needy; of feeling not strong enough; of feeling unable to do things alone; of always needing the strength and support of others; feeling choked or stifled in situations or relationships and feeling not able or strong enough to leave. This Essence is very much addressing co-dependency as well as strengthening one’s will. Consequently, it can be thought of when working with addictions. Monga Waratah gives you the belief and sense that you can break any dependency upon a behavior, substance or person. This remedy helps one to reclaim their spirit.


Negative Condition:

• neediness
• co-dependency
• inability to do things alone
• disempowerment
• addictive personality


Positive Outcome:

• strengthening of one’s will
• reclaiming of one’s spirit
• the belief that one can break the dependency of any behavior, substance or person
• self empowerment

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