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    Up to now, Minh Long Finance is continuing to develop into a comprehensive, sustainable digital financial system in order to contribute to the universalization of digital financial services to all Vietnamese people.

    To do this, Minh Extended Finance’s control team exceeding 10 years of experience from the job areas of Modern technology,Finance and Banking, and so on. has generally proactively considered, continuously, judged and anticipated positive with strategies and business programs appropriate to any or all innovations of your increasing incidence, which includes however, not limited to the next steps:

    1. Guaranteeing crew protection, secure procedure and repair supply

    Soon after more than a calendar year of improvising with the Covid-19 pandemic, Minh Extended Finance’s leadership crew quickly and rapidly considered the high incidence circumstance and implemented distant functioning (WFH) with all staff. early on once the increasing incidence reveals signs of coming back. This makes sure that the company generally has ample human being resources to provide and operate solutions to consumers.

    Whether or not functioning remotely or in the home, Minh Extended Finance’s personnel nevertheless makes sure that financial providers given to buyers and investors are stable 24/7 based upon a modern digital program.

    2. Obvious purchase interest, making certain sustainable development

    Minh Long Finance always focuses on business to society, users and community. As this is the decisive factor for that environmentally friendly progression of the company.

    Loan fascination rates and interest costs for expense cohesiveness by means of Minh Long Finance are always obvious, the best on the market. By using a group-concentrated aim, Minh Long Finance always shares, connects, and is usually customer-oriented for lasting improvement via sensible thankfulness applications.

    Keep abreast of market, social and economic innovations. Activelyassess and prevent, and quickly deploy adaptable organization strategies and plans consistent with truth. Minh Extended Finance’s crew is devoted to delivering users and customers using a stable, comprehensive and safe and eco friendly electronic digital financial method – even in the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the condition of ” new normal” in later stages.

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